Teaching Autistic Children

I was recently part of a group that researched various topics surrounding autistic children’s education. In this project, we go into what autism looks like, similar disabilities to autism, strategies for teaching autistic children, technology and apps that can better support autistic students, stories of autistic children, online and community resources related to autism. This is a wiki page with tons of great information! Make sure you check it out: http://autism400.wikispaces.com/

http://www.educateautism.com/free-materials-and-downloads.html – this link is on the resource page. I will single it out here because there are various print ready work sheets available ranging from: body parts, numbers, letters, words and shapes. These work sheets are good for ALL children but specifically pertain to many autistic children’s needs.


3 thoughts on “Teaching Autistic Children

  1. Hey Cole!

    Thanks for sharing these resources – they look great! I was also recently part of a group presenting on Autism Spectrum Disorder – was yours for an EPSY 400 Class? I’m glad to add these links to my list of resources.

    Quick question – if you’re in an EPSY class, have you spoken about the idea of “person-first language”? I only learned about it this semester. The idea is always to refer to students with exceptionalities as people first, and then refer to their exceptionalities after.

    In practice what this means is a reversal of how we sometimes say things. Autistic child, for instance, becomes a child with autism. That way, we’re referring to them as people first, and anything else afterwards.

    Some other examples: A child with FASD, a child with a learning disability, a child in a wheelchair. If you think about physical injuries, we already do this. We say “the child with a broken leg;” It would be strange to hear “the broken leg kid.”

    Just some food for thought! Thanks again for the resources 🙂

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